Say goodbye to your preconceptions

Common preconceptions:

  1. Hearing instruments are big and ugly

Wrong! Today’s hearing instruments are tiny power computers. They have nothing to do with the beige bananas’ of the past. They are tiny and almost invisible.

  1. Hearing instruments are expensive

Recent activities in technology that there are now good hearing instruments for every budget. You may even get financial help from your health insurance provider.

  1. Hearing instruments always beep

In the past, hearing instruments did use to suffer from feedback. This happens when a microphone is placed too close to a loudspeaker. Noe technologies this effect.

  1. Hearing instruments are for old people

People are wearing hearing instruments at ever young ages, from around 45 or even earlier. The earlier you give your hearing a bit of help, the better it will be in later life.

What modern hearing instruments can offer?

Natural hearing

Previously, hearing instruments use to simply make all sounds louder. But that is not how natural hearing works.

Modern systems make quiet sounds audible again, but do not over-amplify loud sounds. This creates a pleasant natural sound balance.

Speech understanding

Our brain filters out unimportant sounds while boosting important sounds. Modern hearing instruments work in the same way. By doing so, they make speech understandable again- even in noisy environments- while suppressing disruptive nonsense.

Spatial hearing

Spatial hearing helps isolate individual sounds from the mass of different noises that surround us. It also allows us to recognise sounds and where they are coming from- for example, someone calling our name or the sound of an approaching car.